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New Patients – What to Expect

What to expect

Initial Consultation: The initial session typically runs 45-60 minutes and involves a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, history, lifestyle, prior treatments/experiences and goals. In some cases, a second session may be needed. After the initial evaluation is concluded, I will be able to provide you with my impressions and recommendations for next steps. If you decide that you would like to work with me, together we will design a treatment program that meets your objectives.


What you will need for your initial consultation: You may bring copies of any past records that you would like me to review. Please complete the “General Information” and the “Packet” that best describes your symptoms BEFORE your appointment, and bring it with you on the day of your appointment. You can download the appropriate forms by clicking here. Forms can also be emailed or mailed. If you have questions about which forms are right for you, please call Heather at 516-532-4140 and she will be happy to assist you.

Sleep Studies: After our initial meeting, we may decide that you would benefit from an overnight sleep study. This noninvasive study allows me to look at the physiology behind your sleep difficulties. While many patients are initially concerned about their ability to sleep in a lab or whether such a night can accurately reflect their difficulties, almost everyone finds the study much easier and more useful than expected. Through a sleep study, we learn if your brain is generating sleep correctly, if you’re entering all sleep stages, if those sleep stages are occurring where they should and, if not, why. We also learn about your breathing, oxygen level, heart rate and whether abnormal movements or behaviors are interfering with your sleep. A sleep study will help us understand if your difficulties are related to a disturbance of sleep quality or a primary sleepiness disorder, and then guide treatment decisions. I personally review, read and interpret your entire sleep study. Sleep studies are often covered under health insurance. We will assist you in determining coverage eligibility and with obtaining prior authorization if needed.


Follow Up: Follow up sessions are 30 minutes for general sessions or 45 minutes for those who need extended sessions. During follow up sessions, we will review your progress, discuss ongoing concerns and questions, implement new strategies and provide guidance to ensure that progress is being made. Given the complexity of sleep disorders, it is difficult to estimate how much follow up any one person will need. The goal is to help you improve as quickly as possible and teach you all that you will need for long lasting success.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I): Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is typically an 8-12 week in-depth treatment program that helps patients identify and then change thought and behavior patterns that contribute to insomnia, decrease dependence on sleeping pills (if this is a goal) and regain confidence in their own natural sleep abilities. This change is fostered through education about sleep, behavioral strategies, relaxation training, cognitive therapy and nutrition and lifestyle planning. These sessions run 45-60 minutes and are scheduled every 2 weeks.


Prescription management: Sleeping pills and other medications are used to treat a variety of sleep disorders. While there are potential concerns about using medications to promote sleep and wakefulness, in some instances, medications are not only appropriate, but are necessary. Medications can be used safely, effectively and for extended periods of time when used properly and under the guidance of a trained doctor. Should we decide that you may benefit from medications, we will have you schedule a consultation with my colleague, Lynda J. Krasenbaum, MSN, ANP-BC , which will take place on another day. After your initial meeting with , Nurse Practitioner Lynda Krasenbaum we will be able to prescribe and make adjustments or changes to your medication as needed.Nurse Practitioner Lynda Krasenbaum is located at the same address. To learn more about Nurse Practitioner Lynda Krasenbaum click the following link:

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